Essay about The Movie ' Grendel 's Father

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The writer and director added the last major character, Grendel’s father, to the movie.

Even though Selma did not commit the crime of murder, the village people casted her out of the village as shown in the movie.

The villagers cast the witch from her village because of the false accusations from the villagers who feared her wickedness.

The director made a good call by adding a major addition to the main character’s roster such as Grendel’s son.

Grendel, as a father figure, portrays the attempt some people try to make.

The reasons behind this particular character’s inclusion in the movie appear infinite due to the multiple situations that take place in the film.

Grendel’s revenge on Hrothgar, became absolute due to the pain he felt inflicted on by the murderer of his father.

The author’s decision in the addition of the child supports Grendel’s characteristics of not conforming to the actions a deadly monster would commit, such as uncontrollably killing.

By including this particular character in the film, several explanations arise when one views the possible outcomes.

10.This also shows that Beowulf and the others are starting to have an idea why Grendel is killing Danes.

In supporting Grendel’s killing of Danes, Beowulf and other characters within the epic understand the idea or reasonings behind it.

11.Hrothgar which was seen in the movie was played as the king of Daneland his views were that of a king in the 11th century.


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