The Movie Girl, Interrupted, By Susanna Kaysen Essay

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The movie Girl, Interrupted is about a young woman, Susanna Kaysen who is admitted to a mental hospital following a suicide attempt. While inside, she goes on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and gains an understanding of what it truly means to be “crazy”. Ultimately she is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and after an eighteen month stay and deemed “healthy” she is released. Susanna also forms close relationships with the other patients but the film primary focus is on her friendship with fellow patient, Lisa Rowe. Through her friendship with Lisa, Susanna is able to accept and realize she has the means and is capable of making herself better. The theory detailed throughout the film is symbolic interactionism. The three sociological principles evident in the film to back up the symbolic interaction theory are: the social construct of reality, the stages of the mentally ill identity and the transition from civilian to mental health patient.
The first concept identified as being a vital part of the film is the social construct of reality. the social construct of reality is a person’s perspective on the events taken place in their lives and how others understanding of their interpersonal relationships and interactions effect how they choose to interpret that persons actions or rationale in relation to any given situation. This concept was depicted throughout the film and an example of this includes: when Susanna learns the doctors perceive her as…

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