The Moth By Helena Maria Viramontes Essay

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Short stories are fictional writings that can grasp the reader 's attention and make their imagination run wild with only reading a few pages. Although short in length, short stories are a form of captivating art that are just as thrilling as a regular novel. One particular short story that is completely mesmerizing is, “The Moth” by author Helena Maria Viramontes, that brings the element of magic into affect. In this short first person narrative, a Latina granddaughter recalls back to the time when she was a teenage girl spending time with her grandmother. The narrator describes the lack of apathy she had towards her sisters. She would constantly get into trouble and was used to being punished for her mischievous actions. The narrator looked after her grandmother, since her grandma always looked after her, but as the story progresses the grandmother becomes more and more ill with cancer and the narrator switches from being irresponsible to caring; taking responsibility and caring for her grandmother. Even after her grandmother passes she is still taking care of her by bathing her and being there for her. The narrator deals with immaturity and power struggles, but by the end her internal motivations rally to her realization of self-growth and peace. As the story is introduced, the reader gets an off-putting sense of the narrator’s immaturity. We find out that she is fourteen-years-old and that she constantly gets into trouble, disregarding the massive impact that it has on…

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