The Most Commonly Fractured Carpal Bone Essay

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Outline: This paper analyzed various treatments for the most commonly fractured carpal bone, the scaphoid. The management of acute, minimally or nondisplaced fractures differ by location and practice; however, there is a new trend towards treating acute scaphoid fractures surgically instead of the conservative practise of cast immobilization.
Method: This research discusses various random controlled trials and meta-analysis articles that have compared the outcome of operative versus conservative management of scaphoid fracture, with the intent of finding the most desirable treatment based on the following factors: rate of union, time to return to normal function, functional outcomes and complications.
Results: The results found that the functional outcomes of patients in the operative groups were reacquired faster and had better results during their short term re-evaluation. There is no suggestive variance in the functional outcome on final evaluation showing that both management are efficient. Patients in the operative groups show a higher rate of union and returned to work and activities faster, but show a higher degree of complications. Conclusion: There was no consensus toward prioritization of operative treatment in the management of acute scaphoid fractures; there is, therefore a need for future randomized control trials to demonstrate stronger conclusions. Operative treatment seems to be…

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