Cause And Effect Essay On Breast Cancer

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Cancer is said to be a disease which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue and cells. Today cancer is a leading disease that affects people all over the world “About one in eight women in the U.S. will be affected by breast cancer at least once in their lifetime”. The chances stand that about two women in our classroom will have breast cancer at least once in their life. By learning about breast cancer you can gain knowledge and understand a disease that could possibly affect you. The most common type of breast cancer is Ductual Carcinoma, it starts by invading cells of breast ducts (“Breast Cancer” ). Breast cancer can also arise from cells of lobules and other tissues in the breast. Invasive breast cancer is a type of cancer that has spread from where it originally started to ducts or lobules to surrounding tissue (“Breast Cancer” ). In the U.S. breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women (‘Breast Cancer” ). Breast cancer can occur in men and women but is rare for men. Particular gene mutations are more common among certain …show more content…
“The Chance that breast cancer will be responsible for a woman 's death is about 1 in 36” ("Key Statistics."). Death rates have been decreasing due to the result of early detection, increased awareness, as well as improved treatment ("Key Statistics."). Now there are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States ("Key Statistics."). When a local reocurrence is found it is often treated the same way as the first breast cancer ("Return of Breast Cancer after Treatment (Recurrence)."). Breast cancer most often spreads to bones, lungs, liver or brain ("Return of Breast Cancer after Treatment (Recurrence)."). Although it has spread to another part of the body, it is still considered and treated as breast cancer and is treated with breast cancer drugs ("Return of Breast Cancer after Treatment

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