Essay on The Moral Code Of Miss Lonelyhearts

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The moral code under which an individual operates defines them in many ways. Moral codes typically dictate what one believes to be right and wrong, which then has a heavy influence upon ones choices in life. It is very important that people in positions of power and authority, have a clear moral code – such is the case with Miss. Lonelyhearts and Raylan. In the novella, Miss Lonelyhearts written by Nathanael West, Miss Lonelyhearts is an advice columnist. He responses to the troubling letters he receives are carelessness and insincerity, rather then treating his correspondents with compassion. Additionally, he is involved in an adulterous affair, which also illustrates his questionable. However, as the story progresses his moral code undergoes a drastic change. In the novel, Raylan written by Elmore Leonard, the protagonist, Raylan tries his best to uphold and enforce the law as a US Marshall. Although, he struggles between his moral compass and the responsibility he feels towards the people of his hometown – verse strictly following the law like he ought to. Both Miss. Lonelyhearts and Raylan have differing moral codes that guide them through life and how they relate to the norms and values that are placed on them by society. Their moral code plays a crucial role in many pivotal decisions they make. The characters further develop their moral code and sense of justice throughout the course of each novel.

Miss Lonelyhearts is an advice columnist for the New…

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