The Moral Ambiguity Of Laertes Essay

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As of 2016, you can type into the Google search bar “Am I good person” and almost immediately 430,000 quizzes are available. Although the quizzes aren’t genuine, it is entertaining and ensuring to know that you are not completely evil. Unfortunately, in the 1600’s these quizzes weren’t available to Laertes, a character in Shakespeare 's play Hamlet. Laertes would have left the computer program puzzled because of his contradictory actions. The once wise and compassionate Laertes, became hasty and revengeful at the discovery of his father’s homicide. He gave brotherly advice to Ophelia to be cautious around Hamlet, but returned seeking revenge against Hamlet, who Laertes blames for the death of Polonius and Ophelia.His good intentions for Ophelia and avenging his father and sister complicates the judgement of the goodness of his character. Because the moral ambiguity of Laertes is displayed through his intentions and actions, the play shows how major events in his life disrupted the moral judgement of himself.
Laerts’s actions caused him to be ambiguous. During the exposition of the play, Laertes was portrayed as a caring, respectful gentleman before he left for college. He tried to protect Ophelia from Hamlet, and respectfully accepted advice from Polonius. He warns Ophelia, “ . . Fear it, Ophelia; fear it dear sister. . .”(Shakespeare Act 1 Scene 3). When he says this, he conveys how much he cares for her emotions. He is truly supportive, thoughtful and loving to his…

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