The Monkey's Paw Suspense Analysis

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Suspense is a vital element to any story, as it creates interest for the reader. There are numerous ways to portray suspense, a few of which are used in W.W. Jacobs' and Edgar Allen Poe's short stories. In the short story, “The Monkey’s Paw,” by W. W. Jacobs, Mr. White and his family receive an enchanted monkey’s paw from Sergeant Morris. They wish for 200 pounds, despite the Sergeant warning them of the consequences of altering fate. The outcome of this is that their son, Herbert, dies, and as workers compensation they receive 200 pounds. When a mysterious figure comes to the door after Mrs. White forced her husband into wishing their son alive, Mr. White uses his third and final wish to plea that his son will perish yet again. In Edgar Allen …show more content…
W. Jacobs' story, “The Monkey’s Paw,” and Edgar Allen Poe's story, "The Tell-Tale Heart." In Poe's short story, suspense is depicted in this instance, "No doubt I grew very pale- but I talked more fluently and with a heightened voice," by describing the narrator and setting a frantic yet calm tone. The narrator puts on a cool and collected facade in order to fool the police into thinking he is innocent. Yet, despite looking calm, the narrator states that in actuality, he is extremely panicked about the beating of the heart. Not knowing whether the narrator will be caught or not, the reader encounters a tense, suspenseful moment of uncertainty, caused by the tone that is conveyed. Similarly, Jacobs writes in “The Monkey’s Paw,” "'You'll probably find the money in a big bag in the middle of the bed,' joked Herbert." The author then proceeds to write that Herbert tells his parents that something big and scary will be waiting on top of their wardrobe. This quote sets a lighthearted tone, with a darker, more menacing tone underneath. This depicts suspense by leaving the reader wondering if the money will ever come, even though it has not come yet. Alternately, suspense is also depicted in these stories through the use of

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