Essay The Mongolian Empire

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The Mongolian Empire existed for approximately 200 years and in that time, there were no other peoples more feared or ruthless. Starting as a group of tribes unified by a charismatic and moderate ruler under Chingis-Khan, over time and after many successions, became a merciless military force conquering most of the known world from Eastern Europe, to China and South to Persia. The Mongolian Empires’ expansion can be attributed to its military strength and brutality while installing governments that incorporated local customs to maintain control. The formation of the Mongolian Empire first starts with the Tatars who were subjugated under a powerful prince who had levied high taxes on their cattle and limited their movement to certain areas of the land. As the Tatars started to rise against the Prince, Un-Khan, as the Tatars knew him, he drafted the Tatars into his army to quell the uprising and break up the rebelling force. The Tatars, beginning to feel the economic impact of the taxes and impending enslavement, migrated North to the pastures escaping the Un-Khan. In this new land, they elected a King named Temujin who assumed the name of Chingis-Khan, meaning Great Ruler. He was known as “ . . . one of approved integrity, great wisdom, commanding eloquence, and eminent for his valor. He began his reign with so much justice and moderation, that he was beloved and revered as their deity rather than their sovereign; and as the fame of his great and good qualities spread over…

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