The Minoan Civilization During The Bronze Age Came From The Minoans

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“Civilization sails prettily like a child 's rubber balloon until it hits a sharp object; then it is likely to collapse like the balloon”- Austin O’Malley. The first major European civilization during the Bronze Age came from the Minoans. The Minoan Civilization evolved in many influential ways during its reign of power, which started from approximately 3000 B.C. and into 1000 B.C.
In order to understand how the Minoan Civilization evolved, it is vital to know the background. The Minoan civilization flourished around the Mediterranean island of Crete (Lobell, Jarrett A). In 1901, British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans began excavating the site of Knossos, which lies on the northeastern coast of Crete (Image 1) (Gere, Cathy). Evan’s named that area, the “Palace of Minos”, after the king of Crete King Minos (Hughey, J. R.). King Minos was believed to have contained the half-man and half-bull creature that was known as the Minotaur within a labyrinth (Lobell) (Image 2). Evans was very certain at first that the area was only used for King Minos pleasures, but then later on Sir Evan found out that wasn’t true (Lobell). It is also important to note that the Minoan civilization is separated into three periods, which are the Early Minoan (c.3000 B.C.–2200 B.C.), Middle Minoan (c.2200 B.C.–1500 B.C.), and Late Minoan (c.1500 B.C.–1000 B.C.) ("Minoan Civilization") Each of these time periods, were full of exciting events.
Habitation was very important in the Minoan Civilization.…

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