The Milgram Experiments Sound A Little Messed Up Essay

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The Milgram experiments sound a little messed up when you first hear about them but then you go into all the details and you really start to think about what people would do for money. The experimenters took a person that agreed to be part of the experiment and a person that was in it. They sat them in a room together and they were both told that one of them would be the teacher and the other the learner, but of course the person that was in on the whole thing was the learner and the other person the teacher. The two then proceded into where they would be given the experiment. The teacher sat in the same room as the person orchestrating the whole thing and the learner sat in a room where the teacher could not see them, but only hear them. The learner was then hooked up to a machine that produces a shock that gets increasingly worse and worse. The teacher is instructed to read a list of words into a microphone that led to the learner.

After the list was read they then went back through the list and only read the first word and the learner had to push a corresponding button to the multiple choice answers. If he was right they would move one to the next, If he was wrong, he would get shocked and then move to the next word pair. If the learner got even one pair wrong they would finish the list and then start again till he got all the pairs right. The teacher was instructed to continue with the experiment no matter what. The learner played a tape of screaming and yelling every…

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