Essay about The Methods Of Risk Assessment

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Risk assessment refers to determining the potential threat that an individual as upon their release from custody because of mental illness and/or criminal activity. There are two methods of risk assessments they are actuarial and clinical judgment (Brown & Singh, 2014). Actuarial risk assessment refers to a method of assessment that is based on statistics that estimates the risk level of a particular event to occur for example, how likely is this offender to commit a violent crime. There are requirements of actuarial instruments they include there being scientific integrity and practical utility (Baumann, Law, Sheets, Reid, & Graham, 2005). Practical utility involves being efficient, being accessible, and producing actual results that are desired and scientific integrity involves the instrument being valid (Baumann et al., 2005).
Clinical judgment refers to procedures that are based on clinical interviews, document reviewing, and collateral contacts (Harris, 2014). Clinical interviews are based on the subjectiveness of the evaluator when they are face to face with the evaluate where document reviewing involves looking at any medical and/or mental health information that perhaps explains “why” criminal activity occurred for example, head trauma resulting in brain injury which has affected their lack of impulse control (Harris, 2014). Collateral contacts involves speaking with people who are known to the person being assesst, for example, interviewing the husband, wife,…

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