The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare Essays

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In The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, Shylock creates a sense of self pity, gives in to his greed and blinds himself with revenge, which ultimately leads to his downfall at the end of the play. Shylock, the antagonists of the play, is a Jewish man living in Venice who makes a living by giving out loans, with interest, to people in need. He begins the story, though not happy, at his most content state and as his story continues and he continues to make decisions based on his defining traits. He sends himself into his least happy state and ultimately loses pieces of himself that made him who he was. A Christian man, the protagonist Antonio, also gives out loans but he thinks it is unjust to take interest. Throughout Shylock’s life in Venice he has lost business, and been bullied and looked down on because of Antonio and his friends. Until, Shylock finds a way to get his revenge on Antonio. A young man, and Antonio’s best friend, Bassanio, needs a loan, however, he is not good with money and will most likely not pay back the debt. A deal is then struck that Antonio gets a loan from Shylock, and Bassanio from Antonio. If Antonio does not pay back Shylock within three months Shylock can take a pound of flesh from Antonio (the heart). They then create a contract and had it legally bound. However, William Shakespeare shaped the play so that, Shylock’s self pity, greed, and hatred for Antonio, lead to him being responsible for his own unhappiness and his loss of what’s…

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