The Media 's Influence On Body Image And Eating Disorders Essay

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The Media’s Influence on Body Image and Eating Disorders

Today there is a real issue preying on our youth. We live within a culture where the media dictates what we should wear, how we should think, and even narrows down to how we should look, and eat. The media’s circuits have grown exponentially within the last few generations. We now have magazines, television shows, radio shows, and social media influencing the society we live in. Unfortunately the negative ramifications that occur from these outlets have grown to be detrimental. With growing emphasize on looks, body, and image – more and more individuals are suffering from various body image disorders, which is becoming an even greater catalyst for eating disorders - due to body image disorders and eating disorders being so closely related. The victims of media are not limited to members of the female gender, but to the male gender as well. This is an issue that can no longer be shoved under the carpet, with the number of those suffering from these diseases growing on a daily basis.
The media influences and distorts our perception of reality, young individuals are often left most vulnerable. The youth of today are given unrealistic standards for beauty in television shows, and magazines – with such standards of beauty being completely unattainable for most. “The media can greatly affect young people 's health. The media broadcasts it 's perception of what is attractive and young people (both men and women) are…

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