The Mass Media And Political Institutions Creates Moral Panic

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The mass media and political institutions creates moral panic in the society to achieve social, economic and political goals. The general public experience intense feelings of fear and anxiety as their perceived perceptions are threatened by the sudden burst of a new social problem or an existing phenomenon like domestic violence (Garland 2008, p. 13). People start to challenge the social, economic and moral standards behind the issue, transformations in multiple aspects including public perceptions, stereotypes and legislation may take place as results of moral panic (Garland 2008, p. 14). The effects of moral panic depend on the importance of the issue, the more important and severe the issue is, the longer the duration of moral panic, the stronger the effects.
As result of the accumulative effect of previous moral panics concerning female victims of gendered and family violence (Garland 2008, p16), domestic violence against females has been highlighted as a serious social problem, and the general public has paid all the attention towards female victims. As the main contributor of public perceptions and gender stereotyping (Garland 2008, p. 19), the mass media is overwhelmed with domestic violence against females while male victims are often hidden behind the screen. The mass media has the responsibility to eliminate the existing misconceptions of gendered and domestic violence by initiating moral panics. The mass media increased the coverages of stories of male victims…

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