Essay about The Major Theme Of Ovid 's Metamorphoses

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Unquestionably, the major theme in Ovid’s Metamorphoses is transformations. Ovid was well known for his ability to tell phenomenal stories and this one was probably one of the greatest. Throughout the story, he takes beliefs that were significant at the time, and mocks them through the theme of transformation. Ovid was well known to poke and satirize other popular works of his time and he does so throughout this story. At the beginning of the story, Ovid asks the gods, who are the ones causing the transformations, to inspire his work. All of this seems to be a ploy to comically provide the intro for what can be best described as chaos.
Book I begins with the story of Daphne and Apollo. We see the first element of transformation with Cupid. Cupid is the naughty son of Venus, who possesses arrows that when shot, induce infatuation. Apollo mocks Cupid by telling him “Who is this lecherous child who plays with weapons and is not a man”? (pg. 16) Cupid responds by shooting Apollo with his arrow. In that moment the mighty Apollo is comically taken over by love. At this moment, the god has been transformed from the powerful warrior to an irrational lover.
Cupid proceeds to make a point by shooting Daphne with an arrow that will make her flee from love. This is Daphne’s first transformation. She is no longer concerned with love and flees from Apollo. The scene is a comical one considering the fact that the mighty god is head over heels for a mortal woman. Apollo relentlessly…

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