The Main Ideas Of The Family Essay

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Sociologists have analysed family in various different aspects through various different avenues. They have various theories on different institutions throughout history, the main example of this which I am focusing on is ‘The Family.’ The main ideas of the family have been sourced and adapted, either as a response or agreement to the Structural Functionalists. They believe that the only ‘functional’ family type is the ‘Normative Nuclear Family.’

Families can be found in various cultures and societies in some form or another. Schaefer (2009) defines family as “A set of people related by blood, marriage, adoption, or some other agreed upon relationship, who share the primary responsibility for reproductions, and caring for members of society.” The family serves different functions in society, depending upon which sociological theory is applied to it. Even though the family itself remains the same it operates under alternating perspectives. Personally, my family has covered various different types. Initially, I was born into a nuclear family, however at the age of 3 my father left, not only changing my family type to a single-parent family but eventually, it also proved that other family types could also be considered as ‘functional’ e.g., mine.

Speaking in a more broad sense, the functionalist perspective has mainly focused on the operations of family within society. This includes the way its functions affect the various members of the family. It looks at the family as an…

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