The M1 Sherman Tank And The Microcomputer Essay

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Israel and the United States have both leveraged the military, in different fashions, to develop some of their country’s greatest innovations. The tour through the US Army Heritage and Education Center relayed the ideas and concepts regarding technology innovation in the private sector and how a considerable amount of it, such as the M4 Sherman Tank and the microcomputer, were originally derived from military or government funded projects. However, Israel and the United States have contrasting histories on how technology innovation has developed. Israel has shown that in times of war the majority of their technological innovation has been driven by the research and development of their military, which is where their brightest minds tend to reside. The United States on the other hand has historically leaned on technical innovation that is developed by the start-up companies in the private sector. In both cases however, the investments for the innovation have been made through government funding or directly by the military itself.
Of all of the concepts that we discussed as a class, the most common is the idea that some of the greatest innovation stems from the military. The military’s technology then transcends to regular technology. The M4 Sherman tank served as the Allied Force 's main battle tank for the majority of World War II (American Army Heritage). The Sherman tank was very successful in the sense that it provided protection for five men while…

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