Essay on The Luck Of The Draw By Shirley Jackson

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The Luck of the Draw Society’s tendency to be blind to the senselessness of tradition is what the Lottery, a short story by Shirley Jackson, is attempting to expose. The story was published in 1970, a time period when people still would stick to tradition because change is uncomfortable for people to accept. The villagers of the story were led by a tradition that was driven by fear so they did not want to starve. Jackson received death threats for writing this short story for being tricked into reading a story they thought would have a happy ending. Society believing that the story would end happily is an example of how they were able to look past the foreshadowing within the story of how it would end. Many people have referenced this short story due to it’s following of tradition and its unexpected ending such as “The Simpsons”. Often times, society will go with what they are used to because it’s easier and that’s what is known best so, it is the route that is chosen to feel comfortable in the situation they’re placed in. The idea of change for society has always been a tough subject and “The lottery” was an example of something that changed the minds of millions of how a story should be. The time period of the 70’s was considered to be a time of much change in American culture along with women getting their liberty. Jackson’s story came out right after the war ended so people wanted happy stories with enjoyable endings, resulting in a negative reaction to the publication…

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