`` The Lovesong Of J Alfred Prufrock `` By Eliot And Langston Hughes

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T.S Eliot and Langston Hughes were working poets in the early 1900’s. They project their personal thoughts and fears into their work and construct poems that defy definition. Their technique is alike and both are key figures in the history of poetry, yet they focus on very contrasting themes and motifs. When attempting to understand the meaning of a poets work many aspects of the poets lives is analysed to gain a greater understanding. How significant is a poets race when understanding their work?

T.S Eliot was a modernist poet. “The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock” was the first published poem by Eliot and established him as a writer with a unique voice. Eliot covers motifs of existentialism, sexual inadequacy, emasculation and morality in his work and particularly in Prufrock. Eliot’s ethnicity is important when looking at this poem and it’s themes. He was from a wealthy caucasian family and had the privilege of being able to have a good education unlike many at that time. He was able to read the works of William Shakespeare and Dante Alighieri extensively which inspired the unusual structure of Prufrock. The poem was written in the style of stream of consciousness and redefined poetic conventions. Eliot had a comfortable life in comparison to most in the early 1900’s which allowed him to think existentially and focus on his art which was a luxury that many wouldn 't have been able to afford.

Langston Hughes was an African American living in the United States and…

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