T. S. Eliot's Impact On English Literature

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In the long history of English writers and poets, Thomas Stearns Eliot has a huge impact on poetry and stands among Shakespeare and Chaucer as one of the giants of English Literature. . Eliot was a who comes along only once in a generation,and he wrote as if he were living in a bygone era, modeling himself after writers such as Dante and Baudelaire; although he never acknowledged that fact. Throughout Eliot 's works, the author expressed his views on social. He made it clear that the current society has moved too far away from God, and how the politics and war that raged during the beginning of the 20th century affected the morals of man. After moving from the American system of government, religious affiliation, and the reading style of …show more content…
Eliot was a tedious one. In “(..) 1915, Vivien Haighwood [became] Mrs. T.S. Eliot. She would be her husband’s inspiration, his editor, and eventually his unbearable burden”.(Moss 412) Vivien is probably the distinguishing reason why that Eliot hated marriage so much. Some critics suggest that “(...)the couple 's unsatisfactory sex life might have had something to do with(..)” both her mental collapse and his instability when it came to relationships.(Moss 413). Many critics of The Waste Land have said “The poem returns again and again to the idea of the pent-up boredom and despair of postwar culture, prominently through the image of a man and his wife merely going through the motions of married life(...)” (Moss . 415). The reason for this? Haighwood and Eliot 's failed marriage impacted the writer greatly, so much so that a majority of “The Waste Land (...) was written, during T.S. Eliot’s stay at an asylum in Lausanne, Switzerland.”(Moss. 412). That’s correct, Eliot spent time in a mental institution to get away from his wife, however, it must be noted that at the time asylums were a place that many went to relax and get their mind off their problems with the help of psychiatric drugs and doctors. Even though his first marriages was ill-fated, his relationship with Ezra Pound was the opposite. The day will forever live in English Literary history, “On September 22, 1914, Eliot met Ezra Pound, it was an event that marked the forging of a spiritual bond that endured for the rest of Eliot’s life” and would change everything.(Jason 1188) Pound was already an accomplished poet and “besides Eliot, [he] also helped launch the careers of fiction writers Ernest Hemingway and Jame Joyce”, but none of these writers were as successful as Eliot, nor did any of them share as tight a bond as that forged between Pound and Eliot.(Moss 415). The “marriage” between Eliot and Pound was one for the history books, many critics of Eliot’s work give most

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