Essay on The Louisiana Purchase By Thomas Jefferson

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The Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson was an active hero, a spokesman for democracy, and the third president of these United States of America. As president, he was always faced with diversity; whether it was dealing with the Barbary pirates in the middle east, belligerent British trade policies, and even the greatest acquirement of all time: the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana purchase was one of the best procurements that could have happened to this great nation. That is why The purchase of Louisiana held no significant moral dilemmas for President Thomas Jefferson, because it benefited the nation by growing more than double the size of the United states, gave the country complete control of the port of New Orleans, and provided territory for westward expansion.
The Louisiana purchase is reviewed as “The greatest real estate deal in history.” Considering the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France at a fair price of $15 million, doubling the size of the small republic and other beneficiaries. The Louisiana territory first belonged to the Spanish, but for some odd reason they never took advantage of what they had. Then the Spaniards go on and sell the great amount of land to their allies the

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French. When this happened, it worried many of the Americans, especially those who lived far in the west around the Mississippi River. Most of those Americans were very relying on the access to the river and the port of New Orleans. It also puts…

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