The Lottery Tradition Essay

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Lottery by Shirley Jackson is about a small village in the 50s with a sinister tradition. Every year they have a lottery where you don't want to win. Instead of a hefty cash reward you are stoned to by not only your fellow villagers but your family and friends. They are still doing the lottery because they think this will help with growing crops and they don't want to embrace change so they still believe in this far-fetched story. It was once a sacrifice but turned into a recurring tradition.
First and foremost, the lottery started as a sacrifice but slowly and surely turned into a tradition. In the text Old Man Warner says “Lottery in June, Crops be heavy soon” (Pg 22, Lines 260-261) Clearly you can tell they truly believe it will lead them to have a good harvest. This proves Old Man Warner is driving them on to keep doing this tradition. When they write crops be heavy soon they must mean the harvest will improve. I don't think people still believe their crops will grow better but they just don’t want to
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Another example is when Old Man Warner stated “ We’d all be eating chickweed and acorns. Their has always been a lottery.” (Pg 22 Lines 261-263) This proves the lottery is a tradition which has gone on for so long, the villagers don’t think they should change. You can tell Old Man Warner is driving them on because of the fact that he says all the good things about the lottery. In a different section he says people not doing the lottery are crazy. Although the villagers don't want to even upset the tiniest tradition. For example “No one liked to upset even as much tradition as represented by the black box” (pg 16 lines 75-77) This shows the villagers don’t want to change the smallest thing about the lottery. They are not even willing to change the box the papers drawn from. If they don’t even want to change the black box why would they completely stop this “civic

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