The Lottery Movie And Book Analysis

The story The Lottery is a short fictional story, published by The New Yorker in 1948. It takes place on June 27, in a small village with about 300 people. The day was warm, and the grass was bright green. Flowers were blooming rapidly. As Mr. Summers and his right hand man, Mr. Graves prepare for the Lottery, people gather to get started. The community sticks to the traditions and rituals which they have been doing for years. The head of the households go up to pick out a piece of paper, which has been placed in a black box. They all wait till each of the family’s has picked out a piece of paper. When they have picked a piece of paper they all open them up, and see who “Wins.” Whoever has the black dot on their paper “Wins.” In this case Mr. …show more content…
Such as, between the short story and the movie, they had about the same dialogue, and Tessie volunteered Don, and Eva again, and also they had the same rituals for the Lottery order. To begin with, in the movie, as well as the short story, they had about the same dialogue between the characters. When Mr. Adams was talking to Old Man Warner, Adam said, “ They do say, that over in the north village they’re talking about giving up the lottery.” Then Old Man Warner said, “ Pack of crazy fools. Used to be a saying, Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.” Likewise, when Tessie was protesting and saying, “It’s not fair! It’s not right!” Those are just a few of the same dialogue that you will hear when watching the movie, and the short story. Next, when Mr. Hutchinson had the black dot on his paper, and Mr. Summers asked is there any other households in the Hutchinson, Tessie shouted out and said, “There’s Don and Eva. Make them take their chance!” Eva is Tessie’s and Bill’s daughter, and Don is her husband. She volunteered her own daughter just so that she could have a better chance of not getting killed. Eva and Don could not go with them because, daughters draw with their husbands’ families. This happened in both the movie and the short story. Lastly, both the movie and the story had the same rituals for the lottery. They first put all of the pieces of paper into the black box. They then have the head of the household come up, and pick a slip of paper. Next, they hold the paper in there hand, and cannot open them until everyone received a slip of paper. Once everyone has got a slip of paper they all open them, and whoever has the black dot, has to re draw. Mr. Summers’ asks how many people are in their family, than he puts the paper back in the black box. The family that had the black dot, all draw again, and this time, whoever has the black dot, is going to be stoned to

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