The Lottery Short Story Essay

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The story The Lottery is a short fictional story, published by The New Yorker in 1948. It takes place on June 27, in a small village with about 300 people. The day was warm, and the grass was bright green. Flowers were blooming rapidly. As Mr. Summers and his right hand man, Mr. Graves prepare for the Lottery, people gather to get started. The community sticks to the traditions and rituals which they have been doing for years. The head of the households go up to pick out a piece of paper, which has been placed in a black box. They all wait till each of the family’s has picked out a piece of paper. When they have picked a piece of paper they all open them up, and see who “Wins.” Whoever has the black dot on their paper “Wins.” In this case Mr. …show more content…
For example, where Tessie was located during the stoning, the setting between the two, and the facial expressions given by Tessie, between the movie and the story. To begin with, when Tessie was about to be stoned, the people backed her up against the building in the movie. As for the short story, people were surrounding her, and she was in the middle. People had stones in their hand from all angles around. In the movie, people were throwing stones, in front of her. Next, there was different settings between the two. In the short story, it said that it was a sunny, and clear day. With flowers blooming, and richly green grass. In the movie, there was not a lot of grass. If there was is was dried up, and brown. There was no flowers, and it was a dry, and crumbly on the ground. The whole atmosphere was desert like. Lastly, the facial expressions from Tessie, was different in the movie than in the short story. When she found out that she was going to be stoned, they did a close up on her face, and she had a worried and frightened look on her face. As for in the story, it doesn’t have as many details, or distinct facial expressions. I liked the movie’s facial expression more, because I could really feel the tone coming through. Overall, there is a lot of differences between the book and the

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