The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson Essay

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In most cases when you are trying to make your point clear though the reader’s eyes, symbols play a major role of understanding. For example, the way we communicate though text message, emojis were created as a better way to express emotions & feelings though tiny figures. Using emojis when texting the other person will know how he/she is feeling. Other symbols of importance can be found on uniforms that police officers, military & government officials wear. Therefore, more respect is shown to these men & women in uniforms. Another form of symbols can be found in love notes. “XoXo” meaning hugs & kisses. This is usaslly signed at the bottom of a letter to a loved one.
In this 1949 short story written by Shirley Jackson, titled “The Lottery” was about how every June something called “The Lottery” would take place in a small village. The town’s people would gather around and begin the lottery. Family names were called and the father/ husband would have to go up to the black box and pick a paper. This was a life or death situation, each paper picked out of the box either had absolutely nothing on it or the black dot. This black dot symbolized who will be sacrificed for the lottery & end up stoned to death. To everybody in town this was a normal tradition, even the small children were being taught to get rocks ready to throw at the person being sacrificed. Whoever ended up with the black dot had to have the whole family put their papers back in the box & choose again. This…

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