Essay about The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Shirley Jackson 's "the Lottery" is a short story about the faults of tradition, dealing with multiple forms of traditions. Given that the "the Lottery" presents the idea of tradition as superfluous in circumstances regarding social negativity; also given the time period that the short story, "the Lottery" was published--the year of 1949--which is only one year before the second wave of feminism began (from 1950-1970) with these two givens one could assume that one of the traditions that the short story was eluding to was the traditional gender roles within the society of the story itself, and the society of those who read it. Through "the Lottery" Jackson conveys a feminist perspective via three themes: sex and gender, family, and tradition. Towards the opening of the short story the character Tessie is introduced being late to the ceremony and the reasoning she provides ( jokingly) is that she was doing the dishes as seen in "Wouldn 't have me leave m 'dishes in the sink, now, would you. Joe?" (Jackson, 256) This introduction observers the gender roles had during the time period. These gender roles lead to inequality in a capitalist society because even if the work done in the home is similar in complexity and the psychical strength required to complete the tasks just as jobs outside the house, but jobs outside the house make money which is the cause for inequality of value of labor in a capitalist society making this introduction the beginning of the theme of sex within…

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