Essay about The Lord Of The Flies

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A soft whir drones on in the background. Looking out the window, you see a beautiful scene of the ocean and clear blue skies. All of the sudden a horrible shaking begins and the plane begins to dive. The other passengers scream frantically and soon you find yourself screaming also. The plane continues to dive and then a small mass of land comes into view and then everything goes black. Eventually you jolt back awake, but flinch in pain because your whole body aches with pain. Your head begins throbbing and fresh blood begins to run over the your matted hair. After a while you muster the strength to climb out of the wreckage and walk out and realize that you must have crashed on an island. you notice a couple others off in the distance. at least you will not have to dwell alone. This predicament parallels the problems faced by young boys in the novel The Lord of the Flies, but survival does not stand as a lone topic in the book. Knowledge of Freudian theories by the author of The Lord of the Flies becomes apparent because the of the representation of the id by Jack, the superego by Piggy, and the ego by Ralph. The first evidence of Freudian theory becomes apparent in the character Jack. Jack becomes the main representation of the id. He often comes across as reckless, carefree, and and often self-centered. Therefore, Jack portrays a quite accurate personification of the id. When the boys first gather together after realizing that they have experienced a plane crash they,…

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