The Long Way Home David Lascott Analysis

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During the early 20th century, millions of immigrants, specifically from Europe, arrived in America in search for better jobs, refined opportunities or to avoid the mandatory draft in their original country. In 1914, the First World War began causing several new immigrants to join the United States military and participate in the intense war. David Laskin, a notable American journalist and award-winning author from Harvard University analyzes in his novel, The Long Way Home: An American journey from Ellis Island to the Great War, the anecdote of twelve men who left their European homes and embarked a fascinating journey to begin a new life in the land of opportunity. Laskin distinctly portrays the origin of the immigrant generation and their …show more content…
Epifanio, born in Coeli, Italy was introduced to a small village where the typical story of a male was to leave for America in order to provide for their families and support them. Epifanio eventually followed when he and his brother Carmine began their expedition to New York. Similar to Epifanio, Andrew Christofferson was also introduced into a rural town dependent on manual labor to support their family’s basic necessities. In 1911, Andrew a well-developed adult, decided to travel to the United States when his dream opportunity of owning his own homestead arrived in Nebraska. Epifanio and Andrew were both acquainted with family members; however they both had different methods of transportation. Epifanio began his journey traveling from Coeli to Reggio di Calabria in order to board a train to the city of Naples. Upon arriving to Naples, Epifanio and Carmine felt a sudden unfamiliarity and their primary approach was their boarding ship, König Albert; however they had to go through irrelevant inspection and medical assistance. Andrew was accompanied by family when he began his journey to his “free American land” (Laskin, 2010, p.35). However unlike Epifanio, Andrew had a straight forward crossing to America over sea, it was in this journey where originally he officially changed his identity. Upon their destinations, both arrived to see disappointment in what they had hoped for. Epifanio did not arrive to the wonderful New York he was expecting and Andrew did not receive his promised

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