Film Summary And Film Analysis: The Long Walk Home

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The Long Walk Home is a 1990 film based on Montgomery Bus Boycott that took place during 1955 and 1956. Director Richard Pearce introduces the audience to a time period where a revolution in America was taking place to destroy the segregation between Blacks and Whites (IMDb 1990). This film portrays two inspirational women: Odessa Cotter and Miriam Thompson. Both are on the opposite ends of the social chain but are able to connect through their moral beliefs on what is wrong and right during a fragile protest taking event. The goal of this movie is to educate the audience about racism, segregation and sexism, all for a just cause in order to gain equality for an individual’s skin color.
Odessa Cotter is a black woman that lives in the Southeast part of America, she is exposed to racism on a daily basis but continues to be a maid for a white family and show kindest to the youngest member of the family Mary-Katherine. The movie focuses on Odessa’s journey and how she continuously avoids riding the bus because of the Boycott started by the infamous Rosa Parks in 1955. Every few nights Odessa goes to a Christian church and the preacher preaches about white supremacy and what Martin Luther King Jr.
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The Long Walk Home provides as insider to a new generation of audience members to get an insight on the impact a simple bus boycott can have on two different families. This movie taught the audience that although to the new generation racial segregation sounds absurd and unreal, it was very much real back then and caused uproar during the mid

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