Essay about The Long Road Of Women Gaining Their Rights

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The long road to women gaining their rights began on July 19,1848 when over 200 women gathered in Seneca Falls, N.Y. for the Seneca Falls Convention. This convention was a two-day event and over the period of the two days the Declaration of Sentiments was read, then on July 20, 1848, it was signed. This event was only the beginning of the movement towards the women’s suffrage movement. The next seventy-two years consisted of many battles, some won and some lost. Each battle, even the ones lost, paved the way for women to have the freedoms we do today; thanks to those amazing women we have our rights to vote, to work, and to be considered a valuable member of society, each battle was well worth it(McMillen.) Before Elizabeth Cady Stanton and some of the other amazing women that paved the way for the 19th Amendment, women were oppressed in multiple ways. Before the movement towards women’s suffrage, women were basically thought of as objects. Women were valued at one place, the home. Women were thought of as the homemakers; the ones who were supposed to cook, clean and look after the children. They were given opportunities that only allowed them to prosper under the rule of a man. They were given very few job opportunities and those they were given offered salaries that were incomparable to men. When the subject of women came up in politics; well, it didn’t. Women had no voice in politics, they were made to live under laws they had no voice in(Eisenberg; Ruthsdotter.)…

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