The Lone Ranger And Tonto In Heaven, By Sherman Alexie Essay

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The book, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, by Sherman Alexie is about a native tribe who go through a lot of difficult things but somehow manage to get through it all. They fight through it all and they preserve their culture. To them, family is the most important as well as their traditions. This book has a lot of interesting topics, such as, how spirituality plays an important role in the novel. They also explain how many of them have been destroyed by drinking and doing drugs at a young age. Another important one would be forgiveness. It plays a really important role because even though they went through a lot they still manage to forgive each other. Native Americans don’t have it as easy as we all think. They go through a lot and suffer a lot with families and their culture. I’ve always thought as if they had it easy and had a lot of money but most of them suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. Resilience is adapting trauma, tragedy and threats. It hurts them when they are going through the pain but at the end it makes them stronger. It includes behaviors, opinions and actions. This novel is divided in different sections where it talks about how they go through so much and yet always find a way to forgive each other through thick and thin. The book also addresses the different problems they had in the past and how with the years they sought to find solutions to such problems. Junior emphasizes, “Sometimes I feel like our tribe is dying a piece of bread at a…

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