The Link Between Steam Engines And Steam Engine Technology Collided Changing The World

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In 1812 railroad technology and steam engine technology collided changing the known world which helped form the world we know today. The Middleton Railway in Leeds, United Kingdom was the first to use a steam powered locomotive to generate revenue and has been in operaton ever since. The creation of the railroad and how it has connected the world has left it never the same again (, n.d.). The railroad soon came to America in 1820 and began to immediately impact society. The “golden age” of railroad in America was from the 1880’s to the 1920’s; during this time the railroad would see its network double once in the 1880’s to 100,000 miles of rail and then double again to nearly 254,000 miles in 1916 (, 2003). The worst years in the railroad industry were during the 1960’s and 1970’s when much of the transportation market share was lost to the other modes such as air and trucking. Also during this time many of the rail transporters were bought out or ceased operation (, n.d.). Today, rail in America is going through a renaissance period; how does America compare to the rest of the world? To compare the American railroad to the rest of the world, guidelines must be set. In this study continents will be used to compare the railroad industries for two reasons. First, America cannot be compared to one single country in Europe because America is a union of fifty states. Germany for example encompasses 357,168 square kilometers (sq km)…

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