The Lie Of Lying In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Inconsistent Individuals
Lying is a sin which always comes with a price. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller describes the town of Salem Massachusetts during the spring of 1692. A young girl, Abigail Williams, creates a lie of witchcraft which causes chaos all throughout the town. Abigail has numerous young female followers in order to make her lie believable. They accuse a large number of women for witchcraft. A while before Abigail makes such a lie, she acts as a servant for John Proctor and his family. However, she is kicked out once John’s wife finds out Abigail’s has sex with John. Therefore, the Proctor family hires a new servant, Mary Warren. Abigail is furious, so she creates the witchcraft lie in order to have revenge on John’s wife, Elizabeth.
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At first, Mary is on Proctor’s side who argues the girls are lying about witchcraft in Salem. Mary herself is also part of the act at one point, and confessing her act will sway the court’s opinion of the crisis. She states, “I never saw no spirits” (Miller 102). However, the court is having a tough time believing her since they are confused why she is only speaking up now. They understand Mary is either lying currently or she was lying before in the court. Whichever way, she is lying and lying is a sin. Therefore, she is damned to Hell either way. Mary confesses about the lie now because she believes by saving the lives of the accused, then she will not have to suffer in Hell. A little while later, the girls torment Mary by mimicking her and screaming that she is a bird about to attack. She is unable to take all the tormenting, so she retreats back to Abigail 's side and plays along with the other girls. Mary stares at the imaginary bird and screams insanely loud. Proctor then attempts to go to help her, but she is terrified of him. Mary points at Proctor and screams, “You’re the Devil’s man” (Miller 113)! By staring and screaming at the nonexistent bird, she turns back to the idea that witchcraft is in Salem. She goes against Proctor because she could not take all the girls tormenting and mimicking her. She fears Abigail and her friends, more than she fears Proctor himself. Fear acquires …show more content…
Hale comes across Abigail who continuously lies to him and blames her Uncle’s black servant for starting the witchcraft. The black servant, Tituba, is terrified for being held responsible for the incident. Hale asks her questions about the Devil which makes her extremely nervous. Whether she starts the witchcraft or not, she is held responsible because of her color and her low paying occupation. Tituba does not want to confess to witchcraft, yet Hale convices her to do so. He persuades her by saying, “I know that when we bind ourselves to Hell it is very hard to break it. We are going to help you tear yourself free--” (Miller 42). He claims that he will set her free from the Devil and help her escape from His ways. By confessing, Hale claims that Tituba is already breaking herself free from the Devil. He believes the Devil is in Salem the moment Tituba reveals the truth which is actually a lie. Afterwards, she starts revealing names of the other witches and some other girls pitch in. It all becomes so real to Reverend Hale. However, in the court, Hale hears John Proctor’s point of view and changes his mind on the crisis. John tells the court that the girls all made it up and were just pretending. Hale listens to John believing his evidence. The court assumes John is lying, but Hale knows the truth. Hale becomes vocal in the court and yells, “‘I believe him!’ Pointing

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