The Legal Profession And Law School Essay

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The legal profession, including law schools, not only leaves an impression of prestige and justice on the general public, it also carries a very different cognation. Hierarchy and social order contracts lay embedded in the legal system, much as the underlying of societal structure today. With the impact of television crime shows and movies based on criminal events, the general public gains a fictional awareness of the ways in which the justice system works. In actuality the discourse of law not only focuses on reform in relation to social morals, but it also sets up a mirror image of the hierarchical world in which we live. Through various authors this paper will aim to simplify the misconceptions of the legal justice system through pop culture, and the hierarchical nature of the legal profession and law school in its relation to every day life. Much of the public has been exposed to some form of law and crime representation through pop culture whether it be the vast selections of crime shows on television, such as CSI and Law and Order, or the many movies that focus on crime related incidents, such as Double Jeopardy. Not only do these programs suggest the ways in which a trial, and or investigation is carried out, they also lead the public to a large misconception of thee events. These events places a negative effect on the courts and the police, because the public perception from these programs enforces a quick and speedy investigation followed by a just court hearing,…

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