The Legal Definition Of Crime Essay

2095 Words Apr 20th, 2016 9 Pages
Adesimisola Tijani
American Criminal Courts

The legal definition of crime is an offense against the public law. Crime is defined and punished by statutes and the common law. In addition, “crimes are mala in se or bad in themselves. These include all offenses against the moral law; or they are mala prohibita, bad because prohibited.” (Law Dictionary) When looking at the definition of what a crime is, it does not give the individual insight of the different types of crime. In addition, it does not fully explain what causes crime. Based on the different research and studies done on crime, it is evident that there are various causes for high crime rates in a community. These factors include education, peer influence, geography, media, and poor judgment. The factors that I will focus primarily on are socioeconomic status, geography, overpopulation, poverty, social influences, and family structure. This paper will further examine these different causes of crime and how they affect these communities. In addition, this paper will explore the responsiveness to these issues and how affective these approaches are. Socioeconomic status, also known as SES is defined as an individuals or groups position within a hierarchal social structure. The variables that determine an individual’s SES include education, wealth, income, and occupation. One’s socioeconomic status affects every aspect of their life. Criminologist and sociologist found that a group’s socioeconomic status also…

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