Essay about The Legacy Of The United Nations Resolution 181

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Regardless of the United States endorsement of the United Nations Resolution 181, their official position was of neutrality, deeming one 's aid in enforcing the mandate from a citizen to be treasonous. Yet, such a position of remaining impartial preordained almost certain death to the fledgling nation of Israel. How could the United States, the beacon of hope and new economic, military superpower stand by and do nothing, for what would become its greatest ally in the Middle East during its most perilous time? By not only turning a blind eye, but the threatening prosecution of anyone who followed their moral compass and provided aid to a country whose very right to exist could be the greatest international relations dilemma of the modern history. When even the President of the United States, one of the most powerful men in the world, felt a deep personal obligation to help the Jewish survivors of WWII; though could not use his position of power to do what was right. Instead, President Truman worked diligently within the framework of the historical time period to create alternative solutions other than to send Israel to what seemed an impartible demise. In order to answer such question, one needs to understand the political climate of the world-weary post-WWII era, while exploring the issues with domestic and international politics, energy concerns borne out of the oil fields of Arab controlled lands, and fevered pitch of anti-communist hysteria which was beginning to…

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