The Legacy Of Soul Music Essay

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During a time of chaos and disunity, one of the most powerful musical powerhouses emerged out of Memphis, TN. During the 1950s and 1960s a struggle, almost war, between African Americans and Caucasians aroused in the United States. The Civil Rights Movement caused tension throughout the nation. Despite all the confusion, on the corner of East McLemore Avenue and College Street, an old movie theater that later became Satellite Record Store flourished into what we know today as Stax Records, or Soulsville. Soulsville was an incredible little recording studio on the corner that changed the dynamic of music, and the city. This was the birthplace of southern soul music. Soul music is a termed coined in the south that refers to how people felt when they heard this music. Soul music is a mixture of rhythm, blues, jazz, and gospel music.
Diversity of Stax Records
“Stax was a collaboration between race at the time when the city, the state, and nation were resistant to unity”(Stax Museum of American Soul Music). Estelle Axton and Jim Stewart were brother and sister, and also the founders of Stax Records. They were both of the Caucasian decent. Stax had a diverse set of artist and musicians. During the 1960’s, the south was segregated, and it was not common almost unheard of that African Americans and Caucasians could work together in harmony. Memphis, a metropolitan city, was one of the centers of the civil rights movement. During this time of turmoil in Memphis, Stax created a safe…

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