The Law Student Made Up A New Government Essay

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In Badlandia, a Civil War was about to erupt due to The Wiggles, The Dancers, and The Couch Potatoes fighting over the control of the power. In last attempts to restore peace to humanity and get rid of ethnic and religious conflicts, the former leaders (Wiggles, due to the tyranny of the majority) of the Royal system set out to find a solution, and they assigned the task of solving all the problems of the country with 10 million people to one man, a first-year law student to construct a new government for them instead of just copying a working model from other societies which seem to live prosperously. The Law student accepted the enormous task with gratitude, and also with high hopes of passing his Basics of Politics and Government-class. I really wanted to write a working legal system for Badlandia, which would go over the whole system, but it was forbidden in the class on 27th of April, so I won’t go into much detail to it in the essay.

The law student made up a new system to secure the people’s well being, and that system was named the ‘’Once in a year-changing Lottery Triangle of Power’’. It offered a solution to everything, and was revolutionary. He wanted to make a democracy that truly represents every person in the society that is capable of understanding the functioning, and provided the solution to do it. Since Religion had been a source of conflict, he put it to the constitution that religion has no place in the Government, and the Government can only limit…

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