Essay The Law Constituents And Religious Affairs

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The law constituents and religious affairs are largely used in the decision making process due to there is a concrete evidence that can be proven and has concerns to many parties, God and a state. However, the consideration to use ethics to be positioned in the same place as law and religious is doubtfully questionable due to its stances merely stands upon personal attitudes, beliefs, and values to determine the actions of right or wrong. Ethics used as benchmarks to examine the assumptions of what we think is right might not be the same as others, they could regard as completely wrong.
This paper is structured to explore the area of myself which describe the conditions before and after recognising the true self and the importance of ethics, as well as looking through some areas in personality, characters, and behaviors that need some improvements. How do you see yourself defines who you are, is the main focus I use to explain through this paper. The area of discussion encompasses the personal experiences, different perception in personal and professional views, and possible way in solving problems. The sections also provide analysis regarding the importance of understanding true self as part of self reflections to examine whether or not your expectations to be perceived run in the same way as the actual condition of how others think about you.
The paragraph started from the area of personal stories when I first engaged in the condition that makes me questioning of who I am.…

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