The Law And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Imagine a world without having any law enact to punish the wrong doers. Individuals would be aptly described as weak willed animals that are easily swayed by the slightest sight or sniff of power, and money. One would essentially turn towards to greed, and corruption for answers, and additionally would gain control of society’s way of operating, and functioning because the power would be shifted in the hands of those individuals. Therefore, society would become a dangerous environment for individuals to thrive, and flourish in because people would be divided between the thin line of knowing what is right, and wrong, and would fail to cooperate as a whole, in order to achieve the greater good. That’s why today in our contemporary society two words “The Law” strike fear in the minds of many people. The truth is that the law in not implicated to create fear or scare society’s individuals; it is in place as a basis for society, and primarily used as the building blocks which society is built upon. Therefore, the role of law in society is to be the keeper of good, and set rules that all individuals are expected to follow, so that there can not only be a consensus on what is right, and wrong , but also so there can be a decision on when to punish someone, and how to determine whether they have broken the law. One of the major objective law does to promote goals of society is to keep individuals civil, maintain peace among the people, and keep crime right to a minimal. Laws…

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