The Kkk Of The Klux Klan Essay

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Ryan Tan, Maria Choo
EAP - Priti

The Ku Klux Klan

The KKK, founded in 1866 , is extreme right winged racist American terrorist organisation who focuses on racial hate crimes. Since it 's emergence, the KKK has been a tool used to promote the ideals of racism and anti-semitism while it 's members have been responsible for a wide range of atrocities ranging from lynching, brutal beatings and bombings (Akins 2006, p.134). Though they died out briefly in the 1870s, a mass revival occurred in the 20th century, allowing the KKK to become a nationwide political power holding hundreds of thousands of members. At present, the KKK is political vehicle (Bond 2011, p.4) used by the whites supremacists to impose their beliefs upon the world, which in turn results in frequent violence against Black people, Jewish people, and other targeted minority groups. Because the KKK’s beliefs are at an impasse with a majority of the world’s population (mainly due their frequent practices of Anti-communism, Homophobia, Neo-Nazism, Hate Crimes, etc.), the world tends to consider their views as toxic, viewing it as dangerous as it violates must of today’s social norms.

The Ku Klux Klan was originally created in the mid-1800s in Southern America and managed to extend itself to every southern state by the 1870s. This period is called the "First Klan" and it 's goals focused on becoming a weapon used to resist the Republican Party 's constitutions and policies which sought to create both…

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