The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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Humanity sins, but not everyone redeems their wrongdoings. Amir, the protagonist, tries to find a way to escape his mistakes, especially those regarding Hassan, with whom Amir has a complicated relationship. In the novel The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini explores the idea that burying the past leads to Amir’s entrapment in a self-imposed prison and suffering until he atones for his sins to gain freedom, through the symbols of the presents, the slingshot, and the kite.
The guilt Amir gains as a result of ignoring his sins is symbolized through the presents, which is evident through his response to Hassan’s lip surgery, the presents he receives on his birthday, and his gift to Wahid. Baba always gives something special to Hassan on his birthday; On Hassan’s 12th birthday, he brings Hassan a plastic surgeon to fix his cleft lip. Amir resented the gift simply because it shows that he is not Baba’s favourite; it shows that Baba cares about Hassan almost as much as Amir. One of Hassan’s insecurities is fixed but Amir dislikes the fact that Hassan has a harelip because “[he] wishe[s] [that he] too had some kind of scar that would beget Baba’s sympathy…[Amir feels that] Hassan ha[s not] done anything to earn Baba’s affections, he [has] just been born with [the] stupid harelip” (Hosseini 50). This thought adds to Amir’s guilt because he thinks of himself without considering Hassan. Hassan is teased for his lip similar to how Ali is teased for his limp. Sanaubar resents Hassan’s lip; a…

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