The Jungle By Upton Sinclair Essay

1806 Words Mar 6th, 2015 8 Pages
The jeering crowd roars as they strike. The meat packing industry is appalling; poisoned rats and tuberculosis infected steer are thrown into the quality meat. People call to end these horrendous practices. Upton Sinclair wrote, The Jungle, in response to the alleged horrors and intriguing claims. To prepare himself for informing the world, studied, lived, and breathed in the meat packing industry for several weeks. There were many people that thought badly of him and opposed his efforts, yet he attempted to take on the herd of the Chicago meat packing industry single handedly. Upton believed “The American Dream” was flawed and impractical. He believed that you must humble yourself to rise in society or even survive. He employed these preconceived notions throughout his novels. The Jungle clearly demonstrates how his literary works reflected his personal views and even parts of his life. The illusion of “The American Dream” and the treatment of immigrants are some of the problems that existed when Sinclair wrote, researched, and published The Jungle. “The American Dream” was, to most people, an assumed idea that the United States of America had an abundance of jobs and wealth to be gained but the idea was flawed. In reality there were not that many jobs, the working conditions were terrible, the cost of living was very high. The idea that America is somehow the best place to live was also a fallacy because every country in the world struggled with poverty,…

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