The Journey Of A New York Essay

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“Welcome to New York,” is all it took for me to wake from my four and a half hour nap. I readjusted in my seat to glimpse out the large window that my head had just been resting on only to observe grimy white subway tiles and fractured gray concrete. Swiftly, I concluded that we were driving through the Lincoln Tunnel that connects New Jersey to New York City. The small, hazy, yellow lights that filled the tunnel bounced off the red vinyl bus seats, creating strange patterns; holding my breath, I waited for the tunnel to end. When the bus passed the exit of the tunnel, every window filled with a different collection of skyscrapers so tall that even if I tilted my head I could not see the top of them from the window. My heart instantly swelled with an abundance of joy, for I have never felt more at peace than I have while walking through the streets of a city, surrounded by thousands of people. I could not wait to walk off of the bus, now filled with the voices of twenty-seven teenagers whispering to one another about eating lunch, to explore the city.
First, the tour group stopped at the Rockefeller Plaza Concourse, which is a miniature, underground shopping center filled with other tourists. Despite its being underground, the area was surprisingly spacious, and it features beautiful sculptures made of glass. When the chaperone told the tour group that everyone had permission to walk around with a partner after getting a bite to eat, I nearly ran to the nearest takeout…

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