The Jeffersonian Enlightenments By Thomas Jefferson Essay

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The Jeffersonian Enlightenments
The idea of feeling anxiety about one’s time is not a unique occurrence. People have felt this way for generations. Individuals have always been quite hopeful in their mission for more progress. These dreamers and doers are usually highly creative and educated. There are periods of time that allow many intellectuals to contribute to the advancement of society. One of these such times is the Enlightenment. Through politics, economics, and society, these philosophers wrote on every subject from equality to religion. One of the most notable Enlighten thinker is Thomas Jefferson. The statesman and planter left a legacy that had further reaching consequences than he realized. His remarkable political career stemmed from being one of the most brilliant intellectuals of all time. Jefferson’s expertise qualified him to write much of the Declaration of Independence. The colonists turned to him to craft a document in which to capture their frustrations with the British Government and declare themselves a new nation. Social and political philosophers of the Enlightenment influenced Thomas Jefferson when he helped write the U.S. Declaration of Independence in 1776 thereby changing the relationship of governments with its citizens.
When Thomas Jefferson was writing the famous document, he was inspired by other thinkers. Politics was a hot topic issue that many philosophers addressed. Jefferson seem to be not only aware but used some of his contemporaries’…

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