The Issue Of Transgender People Essay

1438 Words Oct 9th, 2016 6 Pages
It is always the hope of every parent that their children will grow strong and healthy. It is the desire of every parent that their children will grow to achieve their dreams. However, life is never short of unpleasant surprises. Just when things seem perfect life throws up a few surprises here and there. The issue of transgender is perhaps one of the most heart wrecking for parents. This is particularly the case as society tends to treat transgender people differently. Transgender individuals often find themselves in a dilemma as they do not know which gender to identify with even though it is none of their faults. Kennedy and Mark state that it is even harder for the parents as they fear that society may not accept their child as a normal human being (Kennedy & Mark 30-31). As a result, parents are often at pains to explain to their children which gender they should identify with. Often, the parents are left confused as they do not understand the changes that occur in their child’s body. Parents are always afraid that their children may not lead normal lives as they would wish. This is partly because society has not fully embraced the idea of transgender children. The two films chosen in this case This Is Our Story… From Aleeya to Jack, Transgender Children, Gender Dysphoria, and My Secret Self helps in getting a vivid description of the implication of transgender individuals within the society. According to ideas from Kennedy and Mark, you can deduce that society has a…

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