Essay on The Issue Of Social Activism

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Nearly every day, most Americans spend a dollar bill from their pocket without giving much thought to what it stands for and who it represents. The dollar bill, while a symbol of our economy, is also stamped with the powerful words “E pluribus unum”, Latin for “Out of many, one. Some people believe this represents the states merging together to form a nation and others believe that it is a representation of a melting pot society, a group of people coming together to become one. This wishful ambition of amalgamation or coming together came at different costs to every native, settler, and immigrant who staked a hopeful claim on the opportunistic soil of America. Many of these higher costs stretched across multiple generations of indigenous Native Americans who were forced from their land and massacred and through enslaved African Americans who were captured, sold, and forced into a cruel life of slavery. Despite the adversity that these groups were up against, they still engaged in social activism in an attempt to improve their circumstances and reform the social injustices occurring in their environment.
English settlers who arrived to America did not hold Native Americans in high regard. Often called savages, their beliefs and customs were considered strange and the differences in their appearance made them a marked target for discrimination. In a twist of irony, they were the dominant group when settlers first arrived until they were enslaved, raped, and tortured. They…

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