Essay on The Issue Of Moral Concern Is The Law Too Strict

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The New York Times reported on November 1st 2015 that Washington State is tightening its restrains on Animal trafficking law condemn and criminalize the modern trade that is wiping out many threatened species. A similar law has been passed in New York and New Jersey that focuses on ivory and/or rhino horns. However this will affect people who already have antique jewelry despite the length of owning the jewelry. Others believe this law to be too strict and the actions to show proof of ownership, age and that the product contains less than 15% of animal species would be too difficult. There are two main points that would help this law pass which is that it will close or hinder major ports that have been used for animal smuggling. The other point is to enforce the Lacey Act, the act to stop smuggling ducks to New York and San Francisco as food. This article points to an issue of moral concern is the law too strict.

The ethical theories I have chosen to apply to the current event are Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics and Deontological Ethics. Utilitarianism ethics is about maximizing the contentment of the greater good by one’s actions and diminishing the misery around you. Acting is a way may have a person break ethical rules to be sure that the greatest amount is content. Utilitarianism focuses on optimizing the greatest amount of happiness and least amount of suffering. In this equation the greatest amount of happiness would be for the people fighting to save the animals for…

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