The Issue Of Female Infanticide Essay

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Female Infanticide happens every day in china. The demand for boys in the family is huge because they can only have 1 child, they want it to be a boy because they are more “useful”. The one child policy in China violates human rights because their was certain rights promised in the declaration of human rights, and this goes against them. It violates article 16, because china is taking away their right to found a family of the size they want.(source 6) It violates article 12 because it clearly interrupts their family by only letting them have one child. (source 6). It violates article 1 because A lot of girls are killed because boys are preferable, this means everyone is not treated equally, because of this policy. (source 6)

The one-child policy has produced consequences beyond the goal of reducing population growth. Most notably, the country’s overall sex ratio has become skewed toward males. Traditionally, male children (especially firstborn) have been preferred—particularly in rural areas—as sons inherit the family name and property and are responsible for the care of elderly parents. When most families were restricted to one child, having a girl became highly undesirable, resulting in a rise in abortions of female fetuses ,increases in the number of female children who were placed in orphanages or were abandoned, and even infanticide of baby girls. (source 1) When the One Child Policy was adopted in 1979, China 's population was about 972 million people. In 2012 the…

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