The Is The Myth Of Numbers Essay

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The fear of numbers is called numerophobia or arithmophobia which is the exaggerated, constant and often irrational fear of numbers. The website says: “Arithmophobic might fear all kinds of numbers, especially complex mathematical computations. Just the thought of solving a difficult arithmetic equation in school or doing calculations in day-to-day life could cause intense panic in the sufferer.” I wish I would have known about this phobia in high school, I would have tried to get a doctor’s note to excuse me. There are some theories to where the superstition of numbers has come from. It all points back to the number 13. One theory is the Judas theory. This has to do with Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus. Allegedly Judas was the 13th member to sit at the Last Supper. Although, if anyone knows a little bit about the bible, it never says anything about the order the Apostles sat. In 1881 there was a Thirteen Club ran by Captain William Fowler, who was a Civil War veteran. The club wanted to put an end to the number 13 being bad luck as well as ending other superstitions. The first meeting was held on Friday January the 13, 1881 at 8:13pm. There was 13 people who all dined in room 13. As the guests enter they would walk under ladders where they were seated amoung piles of spilled salt. The Thirteen Club was popular in North America over the next forty years, but eventually all the clubs faded from interest. Many Americans have the fear of…

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